Sunday, September 25, 2011

FALL TV SEASON: 'A Gifted Man' With Fab Margo Martindale

I so wanted to love new CBS drama A Gifted Man, starring handsome Patrick Wilson as an arrogant neurosurgeon with the wonderfully talented and newly minted Emmy winner Margo Martindale as his assistant. But the plot about Wilson's dead ex-wife returning to egg him into becoming a do-gooder with a kind heart practically put me to sleep.

As Doctor Michael Holt, it was great fun to see Wilson's home neighborhood of DUMBO, just a stone's throw from mine in Brooklyn Heights. He jogs around Brooklyn Bridge Park, picks up dinner at the River Cafe and has a self-reflective moment at Fulton Landing.

But unless this show makes better use of Martindale's comedic skills and allows Wilson to have more fun as a douchebag, this show is likely to join tepid losers Whitney and Charlie's Angels in the fall 2011 TV dumpster in a matter of weeks...

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  1. Patrick Wilson is a great actor and I don't think he got all the recognition he deserved for Angels In America. I can certainly forgive him for being a part of the craptastic movie version of Phanthom of the Opera...though I have missed the first episode, something tells me I will like it.


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